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Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare

Two months ago I read a book appellation Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare.  I decided on this book because I like stories about love and tragedy love my best friend recommended me this reading.

The actions takes place in Italy, Verona. This book talks about the beautiful love of two young people. Heroes come from two disrupted family. Romeo and Juliet don't listen their parents. They are able to do everything to save their love and to stay together. The emotions shown in this story are very endearing.

The story charmed me and showed what kind of love it can be and what sacrifice it is. I recommended this book to all those who like tragedies and beautiful stories about love. Reading books is useful. I very recommended read books.

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Forest Gumb by Winston Groom

Two days ago I read book called Forest Gump by Winston Groom.I decided read this book becouse it  know in the whole world and have only good opinion.

 The story talks about young boy who was borned in USA. He had only close friend, Jenny. He was cleverer than other peers but he had problems with learning  . Regardless of he achieved sukcess in his life. .He could run very fas so he became football star. He took part in war in the Wietnam and he met president of USA and other knowing person.When he came back to US, he started schrimp busines.

The Groom`s novel isvery good . The plot is intestenig and we can feel like main protagonist. In addition the book was wtitten simply language so we can read it fast and pleasantly.

In my opinion this book is recomendalbe and everybody should read it. The story shows that we should recpect every people .In addition we can know history US and a lot of konowing person.

The Diary of a young girl by Anne Frank

   I read The diary of a young girl by Anne Frank during May holiday. I decided to read this book becouse I heard a lot of positive opinions about this book and I interested in history and World War Two. The most interesting thing is that this story was happened really and this story was written by really young girl who did not afraid of soldiers and her life.

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wtorek, 5 czerwca 2018

Seven Bruno Anthony

"Seven" by Bruno Anthony
One week ago  I read an great book called "Seven" by Bruno Anthony.
I decided to read it because I very like criminal and horror story. I heard a lot of positive opinions about this book.

The  book is based on the famous American thriller with the main Hollywood stars in the lead roles. According to the story, two police detectives are investigating the case of the serial killer John Doe. The maniac considers himself as the instrument of God and consistently pushes people for seven deadly sins. The killer exposes his victims to fatal physical and mental suffering, which is prepared with a cold premeditation. The sophisticated tormentor and murderer leaves only а title of the sin and a clever puzzling clue at the crime scene, allowing to find the next ‘sinner’. John Doe thinks his activity is a sermon aimed to teach the citizens a good lesson.

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"About a boy" by Nick Hornby

    ,,About a boy" is a comedy book written by Nick Hornby in 1998. I read this book month ago, because I had some free time.

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"The Trumpet of the Swan" E.B. White

My first encounter with "the trumpet of the swan" was completely accidental. I came to this book by browsing through a list of many titles, and I must admit that it was a happy luck to decide how to choose it. I did not even pay attention to the author, who, as it later turned out, has other titles directed primarily to the youngest. Titles such as "Tiny Stuard" and "Charlotte Web", which have been very successful not only in the home country of the author, but also around the world. It may seem that the book addressed to the youngest will not carry any greater values beyond the simple content, but in the case of books by this particular author, most of the events and words spoken by the bochater have a deeper context and affect interpersonal relationships.
The book tells the story of a trumpet's swan family, where one day the desired triplets come to the world. However, it turns out that one of the young is different from the others. Louis, because that's his name is not able to make any sounds. For his surroundings it is becoming a serious problem, because the trumpeter's tradition has just been shaken. However, the above events are only the background of the actual content. The story of Louis is a story of dissimilarity, acceptance and lack of it, a history of friendship and trust. The story created by E.B Whita is a clear transfer of situations in which we can find the best, to the fairy-tale world. In this book I was charmed by the simplicity but also by the accuracy in the assessment of interpersonal relationships, and accurate conclusions from them drawn. "The Trumpet of the Swan" made a very positive impression on me, because it consists of a simple but interesting story and a really deep message.

The Snow Qeen by Hans Christian Andersen

 Month ago I read a book called "The Snow Queen" by Hans Christian Andersen. I chose this book because it reminds me of my childhood and it is one of the most famous fairy tales.

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